The visual artists who inspire me

Paul Johannessen - Rarely is the label 'Creative' justified by those who adopt it. In the case of PaulyJ, I can't think of a more appropriate moniker. A true renaissance man equally comfortable wielding cameras, hammers, or a myriad of musical instruments... what results is certain to give you pause, pleasure, and leave you wanting more.  Better Call Paul.

Muhammed Muheisen - Devoting oneself to documenting the daily struggles of innocent civilians in one of the worlds most dangerous regions ravaged by war disease and terrorism is heroic... when the images that result are poignantly beautiful and thought provoking, they affect positive change in this world.  I highly recommend following the work of this two-time Pulitzer Prize winner.

Michael Melford - I have been inspired by the work of this NatGeo photographer for decades.  With an innate ability to capture the beauty of this world and a determined resolve to save it, there are few photographers I respect more.

Killian Schoenberger - If you've never had the urge to walk in the forest, you will after having a look at the work of this creative German photographer.  Check out his 'Into the woods - Woodland' series!

Fan Ho - The work of Fan Ho, specifically the 'Hong Kong Yesterday' series serves as a reminder that a life long pursuit to understand and capture light results in something truly extraordinary. [Construction-1957, Her Study-1963, and Lunch-1962] are brilliant examples of the unadulterated beauty that exists in the everyday that surrounds us. 

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